This old industrial transshipment warehouse has been used for years with minimal maintenance. Due to a new use of these halls, it was requested to clean the 10,000 m2 floors deeply and thoroughly to remove all oil residues and the like. By using brushes under the Fast-Grind system, we got this job done in just […]


The client bought this existing hall, which used to be a bulk warehouse with ventilation ducts in the floor. However, for their activities they needed a flat seamless floor where hardness and ease of maintenance prevailed. A Deco-Crete overlay of 20mm was the ideal solution here!


The robotics installations of this Volvo division in Ghent were disturbed by dust formation on the receptors. After laboratory research it turned out that a large part of this dust came from the soft covered outside floor. To provide a solution to this, it was decided to harden and grind the entire floor in order […]


This project development started from large halls which were completely divided into new smaller units and the construction of new constructed units on the adjacent site. The existing floors were retained, but needed an update. Because they were still in good condition, we were able to partly polish them with the Fast-Grind system, where we […]


In these old halls of Indaver in Beveren there were completely worn out concrete floors. For the new recycling department, the client was looking for a strong, durable and easy to maintain floor. The requirements were very strict: it had to be possible to drive with a wheel loader of 30 tons and the cleaning […]


Ostend station was in need of a thorough renovation. Since this is a protected historical building, a traditional terrazzo was also chosen for the inner floor. The floor really comes into its own in this environment. The installation of the floor itself was done by a partner, while we were responsible for grinding and polishing. […]


A garage workshop floor has only 2 requirements: it must be strong enough to support the vehicles and it must be easy to maintain. However, cleaning was almost impossible due to the rough surface. By polishing this floor completely fine, this floor is now very easy to maintain, even years after completion. A beautiful floor […]