Why only limit yourself to a polished concrete floor. After all, the same material can also be used perfectly as a worktop. We process countertops just like natural stone countertops are made. Due to the internal structure, miter cuts are a bit more difficult to make, but in polished concrete or terrazzo you have more […]


A washbasin in polished concrete or terrazzo, why not? Just as washbasins can be made from natural stone, we can also do this in polished concrete. Shapes are endless from sleek and modern to rustic and rounded. Feel free to let your creativity run wild, because in addition to a polished finish, we can also […]


“I would like my shower walls to be the same as the floor, is that possible?” What at first seemed like a bizarre question led to a new application having been developed to provide more uniformity in contemporary interiors. A retention wall for a wall-hung toilet, a floor-to-ceiling shower enclosure or even a complete swimming […]


Stairs come in many sizes and types. The stairs in the same material as the floor brings peace and simplicity to the interior. All floor finishes are also possible as a stair finish, such as polished, sandblasted, washed, …As a stair step you also have many options: floating steps, false solid, corner elements, solid, single […]

Small elements

Polished concrete or terrazzo is a very versatile material. We don’t stop at just the floor. A few of the possibilities: skirting boards, fireplaces, bath surrounds, bookends, benches, stools, trays, candlesticks,…In combination with the different finishes such as polished, blasted, washed, … the possibilities are endless. Your creativity is our limit!


We are regularly asked whether it is also possible to let the floor run in the shower. With the necessary and thorough preparation in-house, this is perfectly possible. For the drain cover, we simply provide a plate in the same material as the floor. Clean work!